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Eating whole, organic foods can help cleanse your body of toxins.



Meditation and yoga are good ways to lower your stress levels.





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Internal organisms can also contribute to poor overall health.


Stress not only adds to the toxins in your body. It also interferes with your ability to get rid of other toxins, too.


Our air, water and food supplies are filled with thousands of chemicals and pollutants.


Spotlight on Internal Cleansing

Dual Action Cleanse and
Why Internal Cleansing is Important

Health Alert

Internal cleansing vs. feeling sluggish, tired and bloated? Many researchers, including Nutraceutical Formulator and Natural Health Expert Klee Irwin, believe that there are five factors to blame for sluggishness, tiredness and bloating:

  1. Environmental toxins can contribute to feeling sluggish, tired or bloated.poor eating habits/nutrition
  2. environmental toxins
  3. organisms that cause disease
  4. trauma to the immune system
  5. stress

Of these, toxins seem the most daunting and the factor most beyond your control. Klee Irwin, as a Natural Health Expert and Nutritional Supplement Formulator, finds people are constantly asking whether there is anything they can do to rid the body of chemicals and contaminants that come in from air, water and food systems.  The public need for such a health product inspired Klee Irwin to develop Dual Action Cleanse.  Klee Irwin's primary Dual Action Cleanse product has successfully been on the market for approximately 15 years, with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.  Moreover, consumer preference for Klee Irwin's brand is fueling his research into the creation and development of Dual Action Diet Cleanse.  Klee Irwin's personal focus is to respond to the public interest in natural health care; hence, the creation of Dual Action Cleanse for internal cleansing.

According to health experts, including Klee Irwin, the Nutraceutical Formulator for Dual Action Cleanse...

You can help cleanse your body of poisons by employing several at-home strategies. Consider the following options:

The Medical and Natural Health Communities
Tell Us Why You Need Internal Cleansing:
Garbage In, Garbage Out

According to immunologists, your body's autoimmune system is constantly being assaulted by these five key factors: (1) poor eating habits/nutrition, (2) environmental toxins, (3) organisms that cause disease, (4) trauma to the immune system and (5) stress. Of these, toxins seem the most frightening, the cause over which you have no power to change. Echoing the concerns of many of today's leaders, Klee Irwin asks, "After all, what can you do about the thousands of chemicals and pollutants that fill our air, water and food supplies?"

Even with new measures enacted by the U.S. government, the problem doesn't seem to be getting better. The EPA and other health organizations have directly linked environmental poisoning from petrochemicals to skin problems, poor liver and kidney functioning, sluggish digestion, lack of energy, central nervous system difficulties and more. The good news is that you can do something - including simple dietary changes and the addition of natural supplements - to help your body fight back against toxicity and regain the light and energetic feelings of youth.  This is the impetus for the development of Dual Action Cleanse, a formulation based on years of research and testing to maximize the benefits of internal cleansing.


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