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Eating whole, organic foods can help cleanse your body of toxins.



Fiber-rich foods and grains are also important to intestinal health.



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Don't forget to drink plenty of good, clean water.


Dual Action Cleanse uses a variety of natural herbs to detox your colon and restore its health.


Cascara Sagrada means "Sacred Bark" and comes from the bark of the Buckthorn tree.


Spotlight on Internal Cleansing...

Dual Action Cleanse and
Why Internal Cleansing is Important

Healthy Liver for Life

According to Dr. Sandra Cabot, author of The Liver Cleansing Diet, a healthy liver helps metabolize food properly and cleanse your body of toxins, bacteria and chemicals. The liver, as one of the main fat-burning organs of the body, also helps control your weight. Dr. Cabot lists many signs that point to weak liver function including: abdominal bloating, weight gain, constipation, irritable bowels, fluid retention and more (Cabot, 1997).

"Understanding the physiology of digestion is vital to achieving optimal physical performance," states Klee Irwin, who developed Dual Action Cleanse to help people optimize their personal well-being.

For these reasons, the second step in the cleansing process involves the use of liver- and colon-support tonics that purify and enhance organ resilience. Cabot suggests using antioxidants to "clean" the blood. Milk Thistle contains an antioxidant flavonoid called Silymarin, which acts against many chemical toxins, including alcohol. This compound has also been used as a liver tonic to remedy unhealthy liver size, poor liver function and industrial toxin exposure. A long-term study by researchers at the Kanazawa Medical University in Japan found that small amounts of Silymarin help encourage resistance to the formation of damaged cells in test animals (Kohno, 2002). One animal study found that Milk Thistle may work against the formation of leukotrienes, which are responsible for inflammation (Dehmlow, 1996).

Your Double Cleanser

Cultural traditions and modern studies illustrate the wisdom of using natural herbs that cleanse. It makes sense to seek out a double-cleansing formula that can help both detoxify your body and improve its function. As you detoxify and cleanse, you may find yourself feeling clean and light, like you did when you were younger.  Klee Irwin's Dual Action Cleanse was designed to serve these purposes.

Klee Irwin's Nutrient Spotlight:

The herb Cascara Sagrada (called "Sacred Bark" by Native Americans) can encourage healthy bowel movements for toxin removal. Native Americans devised an herbal remedy from this bark by drying it and aging it for a year. It gently facilitates muscular contractions (peristalsis) of the intestines. Modern scientific research reveals that Cascara is rich in a specific compound called emodin that encourages a healthy digestive tract. Much like a chimney sweep, this herb can help rid your body of the toxic "gunk" that’s built up over time.  For these reasons, Cascara Sagrada has been selected as an ingredient for the formulation of Dual Action Cleanse.