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Eating whole, organic foods can help cleanse your body of toxins.



Fiber-rich foods and grains are also important to intestinal health.



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Don't forget to drink plenty of good, clean water.


Dual Action Cleanse uses a variety of natural herbs to detox your colon and restore its health.


Cascara Sagrada means "Sacred Bark" and comes from the bark of the Buckthorn tree.


Spotlight on Internal Cleansing...

Dual Action Cleanse and
Why Internal Cleansing is Important

Your Internal Environment

Like Klee Irwin, many experts in the Medical, Natural Health and Research Community agree that one cannot overstate the importance of maintaining intestinal cleanliness, a two-step process that involves detoxification coupled with internal organ support. Both steps become critical to optimal physical performance and bodily functions further affirms Klee Irwin.

Maintaining intestinal cleanliness is vital to your health and well-being.

The Medical, Natural Health and Research Communities agree about the importance of maintaining intestinal cleanliness, a two-step process that involves detoxification with internal organ support.

When environmental toxins enter the body via polluted air, water and food, pesticides, herbicides and cleaning solutions, these chemicals degrade overall health, leading to such conditions as skin and hair disorders, autoimmune system weakness, chronic diseases and many other unfortunate bodily woes. Through scientific studies, we have learned that after years of being assaulted by these toxic chemicals, your body’s essential digestion process - which is the key to energy production and maintenance - suffers, causing you to feel bloated, lethargic and run-down.  Klee Irwin, Natural Health Advocate, has worked to combat these challenges of contemporary life by formulating products like Dual Action Cleanse that work to optimize well-being.

In light of these negative effects, it is encouraging finding natural strategies that you can employ to enhance the body’s detoxification and cleansing process, like the masterwork formulation of Dual Action Cleanse.

The "Tox-In-Out" Two-Step

Like Dual Action Cleanse Formulator Klee Irwin, researchers highlight natural compounds that gently and effectively assist the body against environmental toxins.

The first step in intestinal cleanliness involves detoxification to remove impurities from the colon and digestive system.  Dual Action Cleanse works this way.  Dr. John Matsen, author of Eating Alive, promotes well-being through detoxification techniques that encourage the colon - the body’s garbage processing system - to function properly. Like Klee Irwin, other experts agree, noting that the herb Cascara Sagrada may be one of the most effective remedies for regular bowel movements, resulting in restored colon health.

Cascara Sagrada, whose name means "Sacred Bark," comes from the bark of the Buckthorn tree and was commonly used for constipation by natives of the North American Pacific coast. Klee Irwin has learned from the great herbal knowledge and time-tested techniques of the Native Americans, who devised an herbal remedy from this bark to gently facilitate the muscular contractions of the intestinal system (peristalsis). They would strip the bark from the tree in the spring and dry it for one year, to age it and mellow its peristaltic action. Modern scientific research reveals that Cascara is rich in specific compounds that encourage a healthy digestive tract. A recent animal study found that one of these compounds, called emodin, seems to enhance peristalsis in the small intestine and encourage healthy activity of intestinal mucosal secretions (Zhang, 2005).   "Once again, ancient experience, wisdom and medicine have been sanctified by modern proponents of scientific research," says Klee Irwin.

Other Detoxifiers

Next, in addition to Cascara Sagrada, regular use of such herbs as Psyllium Seed (which also promotes peristalsis), Fennel Seed (helps dispel gas) and Slippery Elm Bark (soothes tissues in the digestive tract) can further help clean your digestive tract. Dual Action Cleanse features these herbs.  Klee Irwin has heeded the advice of leaders in the scientific community and taken a proactive approach to developing products that address these needs. According to Dr. W. Steven Pray, professor at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, bulk-forming agents such as Psyllium can be some of the safest and most natural detoxifiers (Pray, 2005). In addition to detoxifying the body through healthy digestive cleansing, researchers also state that attention must be paid to supporting organs, such as the liver.  Klee Irwin has noted their advice and taken a proactive approach to developing products that address these needs.


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